the happiest fish. (spillingvelvet) wrote in rohancest,
the happiest fish.

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old, really short ficlette.

but i noticed this place hasn't been updated in a while, so i'm digging it out of my harddrive.

R. Éomer/Théodred

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Damn. That's hot. Very.

*tries to breathe*
heheheeee! thank you so much!

*gives you inhaler*
I LOVE this.
thank you so much!!

(what is your icon? it looks REALLY COOL!)
:) I went to getty images, and looked up carnival. I think it was a picture from a Venice carnival costume? Took a lot of searching too, I'm afraid. But getty images is a great place!
Agreed with the above. That was...uhhh...yum. Yes. *G* And in regards to the thread on the story itself: you're fine, this works in book-canon.
hehee! thanks!